Hours: 9 am - 8 pm; Monday - Sunday
(998)7056119, 2753162, 2753164[Nextel]
Cenote Cenote
Cavern & lagoon type sinkholes. Explore the jungle, and enjoy a natural ambience surrounding by these stunning rock and water formations.

Diving Diving
Take a jump into the adventure. Experience diferent jumps(and adrenaline): trought hole, platform, or tree. Or just use the stairs.

Zipline Zip-line
Cross the sky above the jungle. Fly over the nature from tree to tree, and enjoy the ride while feeling the emotion. We even have and undreground small zipline inside one cenote.

ATVs All Terrain Vehicles
Excellent ride into the adventure Drive an all terrain vehicle along natural paths trought the nature. Feel the need for green speed.