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Adventures Cenote Kin-Ha
Is a cavern cenote, home to beautiful aquatic fauna and where you will find beautiful rock formations. Here you will be able to enjoy the unique landscape of the underwater world, surrounded by jungle and peace. VISIT: Kin-ha Virtual Tour

What could be better than to enjoy a day of nature, water and fun? While snorkeling in this cenote you will be able to do this and so much more; the flora and fauna are surrounded by rock formations that are in themselves a sight worth admiring, and where the life giving liquid flows calm and unrushed, allowing for great visibility and relaxation. Let yourself be surprised by the underwater gardens of water lilies and enjoy this amazing landscape.

Adventures All Terrain Vehicle
Explore the jungle on this guided ATV quad-bike adventure. Witness 1,000 year old Mayan history and local flora and fauna as you travel through the heart of the dense tropical forest.

A stop for a refreshing swim and snorkel at our crystal clear cenote is a highlight of this tour. Back upon the ATVs, the next destination is an underground cavern, complete with stalactites and stalagmites. Snorkel equipment and soft drink/water is included.

Adventures Cenote Blanca Flor
Is an open cenote that allows underground currents to communicate with the jungle and light. Among its great virtues are its vertical walls and exceptional landscapes.

Large quantities of life can be found here and plants surround it; it is the perfect place to interact with nature and enjoy some healthy fun.

Also experience the trill of taking a jump from the platform, all the way into the cenote. You can choose from different hights in order to measure your braverty, or just walk down the stairs.

Adventures Zip line
The adrenalin will start to flow even as you begin your training with our professional guides. After your safety equipment has been securely placed and all tour instructions given, only then will you be allowed to step up to your first platform and attach to the safety cables before it is your turn to experience your first “flying” sensation as you traverse from tree to tree!

After you experience the excitement, the amazing environment, you can relax at our base where you can swim in a cenote.